2019 Solajet Massage Table

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Solajet Massage Bed: Model CT220, S/N 010731800732                 $16,995

Cooling system                                                                                    $ 1,200

Touchscreen Kiosk with Exra Large Touchscreen POS                      $ 1,300

Total                                                                                                     $19,495

SolaJet DRYWAVE Massage System has powerful yet soothing jets of warm water delivering deep tissue massage, therapeutic heat and a flushing wave action that promotes circulation. Air infused water combines to provide the ultimate massage experience.

No other form of massage delivers this special combination of enjoyment, relaxation, therapy, convenience or value of the patented Massage Bed.
Hydrotherapy is perfect for delivering heat and massage and non-irritating to bone, muscle and connective tissue as the water CONFORMS to the body.

Low back pain Stress and tension Arthritis Chronic fatigue High blood pressure.
Diabetes  Immunity suppression Depression  A number of muscular and circulatory conditions.